On the Blog // Whisky is not just for Christmas, it is for summer too! With Rob Prior

July 17, 2018

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Whisky is so often portrayed as a spirit that is only drunk by a select few. People picture them sat in a leather chair, in front of a roaring log fire, usually in the dead of winter. It is a sombre affair, one that is exclusive and not for them.

Sadly, this means that a lot of people never even take the time to try whisky, fearing that it’s not for them, that they won’t like it, or that they will be looked down upon for drinking it wrongly.

As passionate lovers of and advocates for whisky, we want to say – Whisky is for you, whoever you are! Drink it exactly how you like it and to drink it whenever and wherever you like!

One of the awesome things about Bristol is that there are loads of places to start your whisky journey, and the even better news is that they have loads of amazing summery starter drinks ready for you to try. Here are three that we would recommend:

Boulevardier @ Bertha’s Pizza – http://berthas.co.uk


Bertha’s is a sourdough pizza palace, situated in the new Wapping Wharf development down on the Bristol Harbourside. It is an amazing church like building, which is light, airy and full of sunny space. When the weather is good, they even have tables outside.

The Boulevardier is a classic whiskey cocktail, made with a blend of Rye Whiskey, Vermouth and Campari. Flavour wise it is fresh and fruity, sweet with the vermouth and a herbal spiciness from the rye and Campari. Think gin and tonic, mixed with your Christmas sherry and you are somewhere close. This whiskey cocktail is served over a large ice ball, so it is a perfect chilled drink and it is a great palate cleansing aperitif before you enjoy some of the amazing pizza.

Key Largo @ Bambalan – https://bambalan.co.uk


Bambalan is a sprawling, colourful bar and restaurant that serves a mix of fresh, healthy food all cooked in their wood fired oven, or on the charcoal robata grill and rotisserie. It is situated on the first floor of the Colston Tower building and has a massive sun terrace, which looks out over Broad Key and the Harbour.

The Key Largo cocktail is a long, fruity drink, which is sweet, zestily refreshing and easy to drink. The bourbon lends the mix a grown-up flavour and the creamy, wooden spice that you would expect from a bourbon. It is a fruity, festival of flavour, perfect for whiling away a long summer afternoon on the Bamalan terrace!

Bourbon Coke Float @ Hyde and Co – https://hydeand.co


When you want to escape the sun and find some shade, head to Hyde and Co, which is one of the jewels in the crown of Bristol’s amazing cocktail scene. Think luxurious, dimly lit prohibition bar, but without the pretention of some other places. This is a relaxing, fun place to drink some incredibly tasty modern twists on classic cocktails.

The Bourbon Coke Float is a super fun take on an American classic. It is creamy, cooling, sweet and punchy. Like a childhood treat given a grown-up twist.

With thanks to Rob Prior.

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Photo Credits:

1. Boulevadier – PX and Tarts (Food Blogger) – https://twitter.com/PXandTarts
2. Key Largo – Bambalan – www.bambalan.co.uk
3. Coke Float – Dan Bovey (GM at Hyde) – https://hydeand.co