On The Blog // Behind the Scenes of Whisky Bristol Underground with Victoria Osgood

May 15, 2018


It may not be a great surprise to you all, but running a whisky festival offers a very different experience to attending one… Over the two years I worked with The Whisky Club I was tasked with not only arranging one, but three different festivals! Whisky Birmingham and Whisky Bristol are very different beasts, but each provides its own challenges and rewards…

Whisky Bristol will always have a little piece of my heart. To start with, what a location! The venue (nestled safely underneath Bristol Temple Meads) is rumoured to have stored barrels once upon a time, so it was fated that one day a drinks festival would grace its cavernous hallways. The club’s inaugural festival was held here in 2017 and was a day of whisky-soaked joy.

It’s always nerve-wracking to host an event in an unfamiliar venue in a new city, but with an army of Bristolians to help; a great time was had by the whole team. Over 200 bottles were on taste from a range of names (big and small) and with mouth-watering food (provided by the ridiculously delicious Burger Theory) and a background of chilled-out beats being spun, the day just flew by.

This year, I’m ridiculously excited to be able to actually attend the event! Although planning and hosting is great fun in its own way, it’s hard not to feel a twinge of jealousy knowing that all the punters are enjoying a range of fabulous masterclasses and delicious drams when you’re on fire warden duty!

Knowing the team behind the festival, I’m very much looking forward to a day of trying new flavours, old favourites and taking away some valuable whisky knowledge. So…. See you there? I’ll be the one with a glass in hand and a smile on my face.

– By Victoria Osgood